Unlock industry opportunities and elevate your brand with the right target audient

Sponsoring the 5th GPCA Responsible Care Conference and Exhibition is an opportunity to strengthen your market position, drive business growth, and enhance your reputation as a responsible and forward-thinking organization.

Explore the unparalleled opportunities this year to enhance your brand awareness and align your business with the foremost industry players.

Why sponsor?

  1. Brand visibility and exposure: Sponsoring the conference will provide you with a prime opportunity to enhance your brand visibility and gain exposure within the petrochemical industry. It will allow you to highlight your commitment to Responsible Care, contractor safety, EHS&s digitalization, carbon neutrality, and other key areas. As a sponsor, you will benefit from prominent logo placement, branding materials, and acknowledgment during the event, reaching a targeted audience of industry professionals, decision-makers, and stakeholders.
  2. Thought leadership and industry influence: By sponsoring the event, you can position yourself as thought leaders and industry influencers. You can contribute to panel discussions, share case studies, and deliver presentations to highlight your expertise and innovative approaches to Responsible Care. This will establish your credibility and enhance your company’s reputation as an industry leader committed to EHS&S excellence, sustainability, and operational performance.
  3. Networking and relationship building: The conference offers extensive networking opportunities with industry peers, potential clients, partners, and suppliers. Sponsors can engage in one-on-one interactions, establish new connections, and strengthen existing relationships. Building a robust network can lead to collaborative projects, business partnerships, and increased market opportunities.
  4. Access to industry insights and trends: Gain exclusive access to the latest industry insights, emerging trends, and best practices shared during the conference. Stay up to date on the advancements in contractor safety, EHS&S digitalization, carbon neutrality, OCS, and the critical link between ESG and EHS. This knowledge will allow you to align your strategies, practices, and technologies with industry benchmarks, improving your competitiveness and futureproofing your businesses.
  5. Recruitment and talent acquisition: Sponsoring the conference provides an opportunity to highlight your company’s culture, values, and commitment to Responsible Care. The conference can attract top talent, as the event attracts industry professionals, experts, and young professionals interested in advancing their careers in the petrochemical sector. Sponsors can engage with potential candidates, highlight career opportunities, and position themselves as employers of choice.
  6. Market intelligence and business development: Sponsors gain valuable market intelligence by understanding competitors’ strategies, industry challenges, and emerging opportunities. They can identify potential customers, suppliers, and partners, leading to new business development prospects. Sponsoring the conference demonstrates an initiative-taking approach to staying informed and connected within the petrochemical industry.
  7. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Sponsoring a conference focused on Responsible Care aligns with a company’s CSR objectives. It highlights the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship, community engagement, and sustainable practices. Sponsors can highlight their efforts in carbon neutrality, ESG integration, and responsible supply chain management, reinforcing their commitment to corporate citizenship.


Ultimately, Sponsoring the 5th GPCA Responsible Care Conference offers companies a platform to demonstrate their leadership, promote their brand, engage with industry stakeholders, and contribute to the advancement of responsible practices in the petrochemical sector.

2023 Sponsors