Raoul Meys works to reduce the climate impacts of chemical and plastic production. His strong understanding of life cycle assessment (LCA), greenhouse gas emissions, and sustainability sees him trusted by multi-million-dollar organizations to help reduce their climate impacts.

His work as Managing Director and CTO at Carbon Minds guides cross-functional teams, provides valuable insight into industry needs, and drives continuous improvement towards greater sustainability. Raoul’s current leadership position at Carbon Minds is the culmination of his academic achievements and business development skills.

Raoul is a respected figure in the field of LCA, having published in Science and PNAS, and performed peer reviews for Nature Sustainability amongst other journals. His research led to him playing an instrumental role in developing and bringing to market a one-of-a-kind database for the life cycle assessment of chemical and plastics products.

Raoul’s key services include:
– Supplier-Specific Carbon Footprint
– LCA Database for Chemicals and Plastics
– LCA Consulting
– LCA Training

With an established record of identifying the most cost-efficient environmental improvement options, Raoul has rapidly developed fruitful business relationships between Carbon Minds and at least one of the top five companies globally in oil and gas, chemicals, tech, and consumer goods.

Raoul Meys

Co-Founder and CTO, Carbon Minds


Day 1 | 6 September 2023 | Strategic panel: Bridging the gap – Industry’s perspective for achieving carbon neutrality