With a professional tenure spanning over three decades in the Petrochemical Industry, Rafeeq is a seasoned and versatile chemical & management expert. His expertise is underpinned by pivotal roles in premier business entities.

Currently, Rafeeq is entrusted with the responsibility of Commercial Director at the Saudi Investment and Recycling Company (SIRC). SIRC, a strategic initiative wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) – Saudi Arabia’s eminent sovereign wealth fund, was launched in 2017. It embodies the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 by steadfastly advancing environmental and sustainability agendas.

This includes pioneering strides in waste management, fortifying recycling endeavors, stewarding natural resources, and orchestrating the paradigm shift towards a circular economy.

Previously, Rafeeq has helmed significant Top managerial positions at industry frontrunners such as SIPCHEM, NAMA Chemicals, Chemicals and Plastics India Ltd (Chemplast) etc.

Rafeeq’s credentials are a master’s degree in chemistry and an MBA with a specialization in Marketing Management & Operations Research, both conferred by Calicut University, India.

Rafeeq Zachariah

Commercial Director, SIRC


Day 1 | 6 September 2023 | Establishment of the National Chemical Safety Program in Saudi Arabia