• Holds Bs Degree in Chemical Engineering graduated in King Saud University, Riyadh 1994.
  • Has 28 years of working experience in petrochemical industry.
  • Joined Al-Jubail Petrochemical Company Kemya (SABIC/ExxonMobil Joint Venture) on the 4th July, 1994 and spent 18 years in various roles including process engineering, process control, operation management, process engineering management, project.
  • Transferred to SABIC Corporate Manufacturing in 2013. Led the Process Review & Operation Improvement function, MFG Strategy execution and currently working in the Process Risk management function.
  • One of the current roles is leading the SABIC Process Safety Competency Development Strategic Initiative.
  • Chairman of the GPCA RC Process Safety Taskforce since 2019.
Abdullah H. Al Qahtani

Abdullah Hassan Al-Qahtani

Chief Engineer, Process Risk Management (PRM)