Climate change is the most significant issue future generations face. And it’s widely believed that if we can achieve Net Zero carbon emissions – whereby the amount of carbon we put into the atmosphere is equivalent to the amount we take out – we stand a chance of slowing down its effects.

The GPCA Carbon Neutrality Cup will take place for the first time at the 5th edition of the GPCA Responsible Care conference from 5-7 September 2023 in Ritz-Carlton, Manama, Bahrain. This competition aims to bridge the gap between the chemical industry and academia by challenging and encouraging senior undergraduates and postgraduate students from STEM fields to explore new ways of supporting the transition to net zero across the downstream value chain. It provides an opportunity for the next generation to take social action by tackling climate change and contributing to the chemical industry’s revolution in achieving Net Zero emissions.


  • Bringing the chemical industry and academia closer
    The competition aims to bridge the gap between the chemical industry and academia, providing a unique opportunity for senior undergraduates and postgraduate students from STEM fields to connect with professionals and experts in the industry.
  • Contribute to the Net Zero transition
    The Carbon Neutrality Cup focuses on two critical categories – Carbon Footprint Reduction and Energy Efficiency. By submitting innovative ideas and solutions, participants can actively contribute to the transition towards net-zero emissions.
  • Recognition and exposure
    The competition not only offers recognition for participants’ ideas but also provides exposure within the chemical industry. Gain visibility and recognition from industry professionals, potentially opening doors to future opportunities and collaborations.
  • Learn from experts
    Participating in the Carbon Neutrality Cup gives participants an access to industry experts and professionals. Through interactions, mentorship, and feedback, participants can enhance their knowledge, skills, and understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with achieving net-zero emissions.

Why participate?

Showcase your idea/ project and yourself in front of leading industry leaders.
Promote your university as a leading chemical research institute within the GCC.
Become part of a larger community dedicated to driving net-zero emissions.

Who can participate?

The inaugural GPCA Carbon Neutrality Cup welcomes participation from senior undergraduates and postgraduate students from STEM fields in the region. Participants are encouraged to share and present their innovative ideas and approaches to support the transition to net-zero across the downstream value chain.

GPCA Carbon Neutrality Cup categories

Post graduate students

Carbon Footprint Reduction

GPCA is seeking novel ideas and projects from postgraduate students to reduce the carbon footprint of the chemical and petrochemical industry.

Undergraduate students

Energy Efficiency

GPCA is seeking innovative ideas and projects from undergraduate students that demonstrate how energy efficiency play a critical role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving a sustainable future.

CNC Jury

Khalid Al Khater

VP, Manufacturing,

Raja Bou Fakher Aldeen

Country Chief Executive, KSA,
Bureau Veritas

Dr. Fahad Al-Sherehy

Vice President, Corporate Sustainability,

Stefano Castoldi


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