About the 4th GPCA Responsible Care Conference

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every industry and domain, including Environment, Health, Safety & Security (EHS&S). While innumerable risks have stemmed out from this outbreak, the EHS&S domain has been at the forefront to manage the health and safety of its employees and customers as well as ensuring business continuity while managing risks. EHS&S leaders from the regional chemical industry have stood strong and risen to challenges by planning and executing concrete responses to COVID-19 and adding a myriad of new responsibilities, which have supported the industry and wider community.

During this uncertain period, the Responsible Care® initiative played an important role in preparing members to stay resilient and overcome the many challenges that came their way, specifically in industrial operations. Today the adoption of new technologies and innovation in the operational systems are bringing a fresh perspective to the industry, driving greater efficiency, unlocking new opportunities, as well as enabling better risk management and preparedness. It is now time for the industry to transform to a proactive mindset, to keep Responsible Care at the centre stage and to prepare for the next wave of disruption.

GPCA is proud to host the 4th GPCA Responsible Care Conference scheduled from 31 October – 2 November 2021 at Crowne Plaza RDC Hotel, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Held under the theme ‘Seizing the new normal opportunities through Responsible Care’, the dialogues at the conference will bring EHSS leaders from the petrochemical industry to look back and share their learnings, best practices and the future roadmap beyond the pandemic. The event will also showcase a series of interactive masterclasses which will delve deeper on subjects like process safety and highlight evolving technologies transforming EHSS. It will also feature thought-provoking workshops on product stewardship and good manufacturing practices and contractor management challenges and expectations.

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The GPCA Responsible Care Conference brings together world-class industry leaders to share best practices and achievements in the areas of environment, health, safety, and security (EHS&S) across the entire chemical value chain. The conference provides a unique opportunity to network and learn from renowned international and regional industry experts about Responsible Care leadership, EHS&S operational advancements, regulatory collaboration and the industry’s future outlook.


Taking place on day 3, 2 November, the workshops will address some of the most pressing industry questions related to product qualifications, chemical strategy on sustainability, contractor management, challenges and expectations.


The masterclasses will take place on day 1, 31 October and will feature key industry speakers addressing diverse topics ranging from ‘Sustaining business performance through responsible process safety’ and ‘Building success through technology’.


Meet your customers and suppliers all in one place and gain maximum brand exposure by showcasing and promoting your products and services at the conference exhibition space.

Welcome and gala dinner

A networking opportunity for all the delegates at a formal sit-down dinner reception. Attendees are treated to the warm hospitality of the region with delicious food and lively entertainment.

Why attend?


Learn from CEOs and senior executives on the EHSS strategies adopted, that helped them outmanoeuvre the pandemic


Build connections with leaders from the EHSS domain in the GCC chemical industry during scheduled networking opportunities


An exclusive masterclass that will highlight vigilant process safety management techniques and the role of leadership in driving Responsible Care success


A focused session on success stories from leading chemical and petrochemical companies who have created a mark in the Responsible Care community


Engage in high level discussions through dedicated Q&A sessions focusing on strategic and technical subjects

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