Mark your calendar now for the second edition of GPCA Responsible Care Conference. This conference will provide you with the opportunities to learn from renowned international and regional subject matter experts and industry leaders on various topics covered by the wide world of Responsible Care. The sessions will cover topics on leadership, EHS&S operational advancements with regional perspectives, regulatory collaboration, and future direction of the industry. The conference will also provide the participants with unparalleled networking opportunities.

The second edition of GPCA Responsible Care Conference will be showcasing the best regional learnings across the petrochemicals sector and defining the future direction of Responsible Care companies in the region. World leaders will share their accomplishments with the participants in the areas of Environment, Health, Safety and Security of their assets not only inside the fence but across the entire value chain.

Here is the agenda at a glance:

Day 0: Workshop on RC – Our Achievements + Codes Excellence
Day 1 – Session 1.The Boardroom Perspective (Opening session )


RC brand recognition


RC contribution to the ‘bottom line’


How Responsible Care supports regional growth and sustainability


Day 1 Session 2.Leveraging the “Human Factor” to Drive Results


Understanding leadership expectations


Building leadership EHS capability + cultivating EHS competency


Human Factor contribution to Zero harm


Partnering with academia


Day 1 Session 3.Regional Priorities


Industrial waste


Energy efficiency and climate change


Global Harmonization System


Dangerous Goods regulations – for Road


Day 2 Session 1. Stakeholder’s Voice


Third party waste management providers – recyclers


Regulators perspective


Voice of stakeholders (Community, Contractors, Consumers)


SME’s engagement – RC adoption


Day 2 Session 2.Organizational Resilience Knowledge sharing and involvement  (Are we truly learning)


Integration of risk, crisis management and business continuity


Chemical Safety and quality aspects through the entire Supply Chain operations


Day 2 Session 3.

Future Direction


Global trends and industry direction


Life cycle analysis; Eco profiles and water


Circular Economy