Dr. Saeed Al-Alawi
Director, Polymer Chemical Consultancy

Ph.D. graduated from Strathclyde University in Glasgow 1981 in Polymer Analytical Chemistry. He joint University of Bahrain in 1982, and promoted to Associated professor later. He is the founder and chairman of Bahrain Chemical Society, (1991-2002). Since 1991 he joined UNEP office in Bahrain for organising Cleaner production courses and orkshop followed by implementation of cleaner production and waste minimisation in several companies in Bahrain. He establish the Green course in Chemistry Department of university of Bahrain and was teaching the course for several years. Currently, he is the Director of Polymer Chemical Consultancy in Bahrain which was establish in 2010. Since 2007, he establish several flavoured Bottle Water company in Bahrain which used a local flavour as an additive.